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Lochwood Pets & Wildlife
Lochwood is known for people who cherish their pets and respect the neighborhood wildlife. If you would like to connect with other pet/wildlife lovers in the neighborhood, or have lost/found a pet, the Lochwood Facebook group are the fastest and most effective way to get the word out to Lochwood neighbors. For those that my not participate on those Facebook pages, you can place a notice here through the Lochwood.com website.
Lochwood Pet Tags!
Lochwood has partnered with DogTagArt.com to offer small and large Custom Pet ID Tags. This is an effort to help easily identify our Lochwood pets and assist with being reunited with their onwers if lost. Customize the back of the tag with your pet's name and contact info. 2 sizes (1.25" & 7/8" diameter) and 5 logo colors to choose from. Order online and it will be drop-shipped to your address.
For every tag sold, $1 will go to the LNA. Just $12.99 per tag. Pay with CC or by PayPal.
Save 20% by entering this coupon code: LOCHWOOD752
Click here to place your order! Thanks for keeping our pets safe and for supporting Lochwood!
Lochwood Domino Effect - A neighborhood resource for animal advocacy, composed of neighborhood volunteers who work to provide resources, education, and protection, for and about all animals, domestic or wild, and their habitat in our neighborhood.
Useful Pet Links & Information:
Metroplex Animal Coalition
Spay Neuter Network
Rogers Wildlife & Rehabilitaion Center - A nonprofit wildlife rescue organization specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, sick or orphaned birds of all types.
911 Wildlife - Humane Animal Removal & Relocation
If you find displaced wildlife that have been abandoned by the storms lately, you can bring them to Gecko Hardware and East Lake Vet they will funnel them to the correct rehabbers.
Lochwood Pet Directory:
Please join our growing directory of pet owners and share your experiences and photos of your loved ones.