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Want to join our FACEBOOK PAGE? Click "READ MORE"
Posted on Oct 17th, 2018

In 2010 my friend and now former neighbor, Cara Leigh, asked what I thought about her creating a neighborhood Facebook page for us; I cheered her on! When she asked me to help by being one of the admins for the page I agreed to do so, even though I had no idea what that actually would entail. Early on things were calm and the admins paid little attention to the page.  
That all changed one day while at work when our phones and emails lit up from neighbors telling us that a young Lochwood lady was, via our page, ranting and belittling a Lochwood grandmother who made a post about taking her grandchildren to the Dallas Arboretum, which the young lady believes is environmentally evil.
The intent in creating our neighborhood page was, and is, to be a POSITIVE source for creating COMMUNITY. However, we were now obligated to take on the unenviable role of part-time babysitters of our page to protect its integrity; we also decided to create guidelines in an attempt proactively help and/or forewarn those who are at times challenged with poor social media etiquette. Fast-forward to today.  
To be as simple and clear as possible, the over-arching GUIDELINE / RULE for maintaining your membership in our Facebook group can be summed up in two words: “BE KIND” 
That’s it. “BE KIND”. 

BE KIND to one another.  If you are compelled to put something on our page in either word or image that’s mean-spirited, rude, abusive, disrespectful or bullying you have 3 options:
1.    Show restraint, move on to something else, and put it on your personal page or timeline 
2.    Leave the group 
3.    Put it on our page and be removed from the group
We’ve also had to address:
A)    The desire by neighbors to advertise their own business on our page.  We’ve created opportunities for that to happen through sponsorship of various neighborhood events.  
B)    Regarding pets, we’re animal lovers and want our page to be a place for Lochwood neighbors (not people in Lakewood or Casa View or Rockwall, etc.) who’ve lost or found animals to use our group for assistance
C)    Some began using our page as a place to vent their complaints about a bad experience at a local restaurant or other establishment.  As it turns out, there are Lochwood neighbors in the restaurant & retail business doing their best to make a go of it and wish that if anyone has a bad experience they simply tell the manager-in-charge instead of venting publicly (or in this case, to Lochwood neighbors on our page). We agree.   
The LNA Facebook page exists to promote an enhanced sense of community and encourage positive dialogue. Specifically, the sharing of neighborhood-related ideas, information, and interests for those who live in Lochwood which is bordered by Lake Highlands Dr., Easton Rd., Garland Rd., Jupiter Rd., and E. NW Hwy.  
Thank you for supporting and contributing to our neighborhood!
If we all do a little it will make a great BIG difference...
Scott Robson
President, Lochwood Neighborhood Association

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