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Lochwood Annual Newsletter

Each year, the Lochwood Neighborhood Association publishes an annual newsletter.  In these newsletters we highlight events, activities and neighbors that occurred during the previous year, and cover some of the benefits of living in our neighborhood. The newsletters can be viewed by clicking the links below.
The newsletter was mailed to every homeowner in our Lochwood area.  Since it is printed in color and is 4 pages long, the cost of production and mailing was considerable.  To help with that cost, we sold sponsor ads to local businesses.  We hope you will support and thank them for their support!
These newsletters were produced free of charge by Lochwood resident Thomas Buck at Thomas Buck Studio. Thanks to Tom for a job well done;  I think you will agree.
Lochwood Annual 2021 on issuu.com
Lochwood Annual 2018 on issuu.com
Lochwood Annual 2017 on issuu.com
Lochwood Annual 2016 on issuu.com

Lochwood Annual 2015 on issuu.com