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Code Compliance

We are so proud of this beautiful neighborhood and would like to keep the area looking clean and tidy at all times. You can help do your part by simply following simple neighborly etiquette of keeping your lawn mowed, trees trimmed in your yard and alleyways (which is the responsibility of the home owners into each alley). In addition, there are many other ways to help keep our neighborhood healthy, safe, and vibrant.
If you see a code violation or would like to report one, please click this link Code Compliance for the City of Dallas.
There you will be able to report a violation and find out what to do if you recieved a violation.
Top 10 Most Common Code Violations
  • High Grass & Weeds
  • Street/ Alley/Sidewalk Obstructtions
  • Bulky Trash
  • Junk Motor Vehciles
  • Illegal Outside Storage
  • Litter
  • Signs on Public Right of Way
  • Substandard Structures
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Graffitti