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Crime Watch / VIP

Lochwood Neighborhood was one of the very first neighborhoods in Dallas to join the Volunteers In Patrol (VIP) program years ago and we saw a nearly 30% reduction in crime the first year, and 20%+ in year two. 
VIP is the community crime watch program composed of your neighbors who patrol the area on the lookout for suspicious activity. Joining VIP involves taking a training/verification class at the DPD NE Station on NW Hwy. We are trained by the Dallas police, patrol in pairs in our own vehicles, and call 911 if action is warranted. 
Lochwood currently has approximately 60 neighbors that volunteer for VIP and they account for 130+ hours of monthly patrols. Ideally, we need to double the number of volunteers to increase the monthly hours patrolled and cover even more hours which helps reduce even more crime in our neighborhood. Police crime statistics show a very positive correlation between the number of patrols and reduced crime and this has certainly proven true for our neighborhood. Please sign up to participate!
All potential volunteers must complete an application, sign a waiver of liability and confidentiality agreement, and pass a criminal background check conducted by the DPD’s Neighborhood Patrol Officers Unit.
Requirements to be a VIP:
    •    Be at least 21 years old
    •    Never been convicted of a felony
    •    No outstanding warrants or tickets
    •    Be a member of a Crime Watch or neighborhood group
    •    Have a valid Texas driver’s license or ID card, and Social Security card
    •    No misdemeanor A or B convictions in the past 5 years or DWI convictions in the past 10 years
Top 10 Reasons to Join the LNA VIP:
    1.    Help prevent crime in your area by the presence of patrols
    2.    Keep your property values high
    3.    Help keep your friends, neighbors, and family safe
    4.    Get ideas for your alley and back yard from others
    5.    Meet other VIP participants from your neighborhood
    6.    Meet new neighbors during your patrol.
    7.    Get 4 hours of free training by the Dallas police
    8.    Walk, ride a bike or even scooter during your patrol
    9.    It only takes 2-3 hours per month at a time of your choosing
    10.  It will not add to the federal debt
“A patrol a day keeps the perp(atrator)s away”
Please contact the VIP Leader assigned to your numbered, DPD Reporting Area for more information on how to become a Volunteer In Patrol for Lochwood:
VIP Area 1099/1114 Leader           VIP Area 1113 Leader                LNA President
Carol Newman & Susan Hill                 Pat Kidd & Phyllis Rhodes             Scott Robson
vip1099@lochwood.com                      vip1113@lochwood.com               president@lochwood.com
Lochwood's DPD Reporting & Patrol Areas:
VIP Training Application (We'll periodically update you when the classes are)
Click here to view and download the application. 
DPD/Northeast VIP Contact
NPO Admin & VIP Coordinator - Officer Kevin Kelley