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About Us

Residential development began in Lochwood in the early 1950s and remained steady until the early to mid 1970s. Lochwood is generally recognized as being founded in 1954 as development prior to that year was limited to a small number of homes on a few streets. The first homes were built in Lochwood in 1951 along Wyatt Street and on a few streets to the west of Jupiter Road.
Today, there are some homes in Lochwood that have been built more recently on lots where the original home was torn down, but for the most part the vast majority of homes in Lochwood are the original ones built in the mid to late ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.
The Lochwood Neighborhood Association
The Lochwood neighborhood is served by a voluntary home owner’s association known as the Lochwood Neighborhood Association.  Membership in the association is 100% voluntary and the modest dues of $60 are paid annually. In contrast to the negative perceptions of homeowner associations, the Lochwood Association exists solely to preserve and maintain the beauty and charm of the neighborhood while fostering a sense of community though several volunteer programs and committees.
The Lochwood N.A. also sponsors crime prevention initiatives in the neighborhood. The association does not regulate aesthetic issues and does not have the power to fine residents or foreclose on homes since membership is voluntary.  Lochwood serves as an excellent model of how neighborhood associations can serve to improve the lives of residents in the community.  Some examples of this include:

Lochwood Private Facebook Group – Lochwood maintains a closed group on Facebook which requires verification of residency to join. The group (known as Lochwood NA) has 1200+ active members who post updates and share information about neighborhood-related topics such as community events, social gatherings, crime watch issues and other interests. The group also maintains a list of referrals for local tradespeople and neighbors regularly post reviews of local businesses and service providers.
Service Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP) – A group of Lochwood volunteers that provide household and transportation assistance to elderly and disabled residents.  If you’re an elderly or disabled resident of Lochwood, you may contact the neighborhood association for information on how you can be matched with a volunteer. The SNAP program has its own private Facebook group where the needs and requests of elderly and disabled residents are posted which allows volunteers to respond.

Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) – Funded by donations from neighborhood residents, this program employs off duty, uniformed Dallas Police officers to patrol the neighborhood in marked police patrol cars.
Lochwood Parents Group (LPG) – founded to bring neighborhood parents together for babysitting, group social activities, sharing parenting information, and fun! The LPG hosts the Annual 4th of July parade through Lochwood and the Annual Halloween party for parents and kids where families go trick-or-treating together.

The Domino Effect – Neighborhood animal rescue and fostering group which was featured in a recent story in the Dallas Morning News. Neighbors volunteer to foster strays and orphaned animals found in the neighborhood.
Clean The Green – neighborhood cleanup committee that meets throughout the year to clean trash from the greenbelts and parks.
Lochwood Social Bicycle Club (LSBC) - A group of Lochwood cyclists that connect for group rides throughout the neighborhood and other areas of East Dallas.
Nextdoor.com – Another great social media platform designed specifically to foster communication among neighbors. Lochwood has over 1600 active members on Nextdoor. Please consider allowing yourself to be contacted via Nextdoor through a message or phone number. Our VIP/Crime Watch uses this as a means to contact you if there is an incident on your property.

Lochwood Homes and Neighborhood
The Lochwood area is well-known for its lush greenbelts, large, mature trees, vast wildlife and its close proximity to White Rock Lake, which is the recreational focal point of east Dallas. The neighborhood itself has many wooded areas, lots of hiking trails and many creeks. Several homes in Lochwood were built along and have unobstructed views of the greenbelts surrounding the creeks and trails.  
The nearby White Rock Lake area offers an array of recreational activities, including a 10 mile jogging and biking trail, a kayak rental facility on the northeast shore, two sailboat clubs, picnic tables and the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Lochwood also has a city park in the neighborhood that has two tennis courts, a basketball court, picnic tables, baseball diamond and a newly-constructed children’s playground.  The lush greenbelts are a favorite among pet owners in the neighborhood, and many of the greenbelts also have wooded trails. The Lochwood area offers an array of recreational and community activities that are hard to find in many of the Dallas suburbs.   

Lochwood features many different home styles, mostly consisting of one story cottages, ranch-style and mid-century modern homes. Most homes in the neighborhood have hardwood floors and pier and beam foundations.  Pier and beam foundations have some notable advantages over slab foundations for remodeling options because plumbing and electrical wiring are often much easier to access and relocate in pier and beam homes.
Overview of homes in Lochwood:
  • Most homes are one-story with 3-4 bedrooms and have at least 2-3 baths, although there is a small number of two bedroom homes in the neighborhood.
  • Most homes have two car garages, although some older, smaller homes have one car garages or garage conversions. Some of the homes with garage conversions, as well as the Mid-Century Modern style homes in the neighborhood, have carports. Most garages are front entry in the older homes and rear-entry in newer homes.
  • Lot sizes in Lochwood average around .2 acres, although a few homes have lots as large as half an acre.
  • The average home in Lochwood was built in the early 1960s. Residential development began in the early 1950s and peaked in the mid 1960s. There are a few homes in Lochwood that are newer construction, built on lots where the previous home was torn down. Generally speaking, Lochwood is not a neighborhood where it’s common to see new homes built where old ones were razed. For the most part, older homes in Lochwood are often remodeled as opposed to torn down, which has helped preserve the neighborhood’s unique original charm and character.
  • Some duplexes exist in the neighborhood as well, but the majority of homes in Lochwood are single family.
Life in Lochwood
Lochwood residents have an array of options when it comes to dining, shopping, entertainment and recreation.  
A recent influx of new restaurants near the neighborhood has given residents even more exciting dining options: GoodFriend restaurant and beer garden, Good To Go Taco and 20 Feet seafood restaurant-all located at Peavy and Garland Rd. are very close to Lochwood.