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New Residents

We are happy to have you as a new neighbor! 
We hand out a printed Welcome Packet to our neighbors new to Lochwood. If you are new to Lochwood and have not received a packet, please email info@lochwood.com and we'll make sure to drop one off to your address. You may view (and download if desired) a digital version of the informational care packet by clicking the link below.
It includes a host of information about:
  • Lochwood Neighborhood Association benefits of becoming involved.
  • Neighborhood crime prevention initiatives, including ENP and VIP.
  • Links and information about Lochwood social media groups, a great way to get to know your neighbors!
  • Information about the Lochwood Parents Group.
  • Volunteer opportunities in Lochwood.
  • Map and boundaries of the Lochwood neighborhood.
  • Bulk trash and code compliance info.
  • Links to LNA-related groups, area schools and local sponsor businesses.
And please take a moment to register on Lochwood.com to have full access to all the online features and content. 
Thank you, and welcome to Lochwood!