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Lochwood Schools / RTBAR

Public Schools
The Lochwood area public schools are served entirely by the Dallas Independent School District (DISD).  In addition to the elementary, middle and high schools that lie in the Lochwood attendance zone, DISD also has several specialized magnet programs, and a there are many choices of private schools available close to Lochwood.
Martha T. Reilly Elementary is located at 11230 Lippitt, which is centrally located in Lochwood and walking distance from many homes in the neighborhood. During the past few years, Martha Turner Reilly Elementary School has implemented the Institute for Learning model of instruction, which includes the Principles of Learning and learning walks. The use of these research-based practices has resulted in increased student achievement and performance. The school has seen its Academic Excellence Indicator System rating improve from academically acceptable to recognized for two consecutive years. These practices also provide for more academic rigor in the classroom and collaboration among teachers.
The school hosts many activities that serve as a connection with parents and the community and help to enhance student success. Parents are valued partners in education and are encouraged to participate in school activities. Parent involvement includes assisting in the classrooms, participation in the PTA and on the Site-Based Decision Making committee as well as other various activities. The school also hosts frequent parent workshops, such as conversation groups, that assist parents in learning conversational English.
Robert T. Hill Middle School is located a short distance west of Lochwood at 505 Easton Road and is walking distance from some areas of Lochwood. At Robert T. Hill Middle School, our goal is to provide academic and   extracurricular learning opportunities that develop the whole child and prepare students for high school.
The faculty and staff use a collaborative team approach in order to provide a rigorous curriculum to all students. Each grade level is organized by core subjects that allow teachers to establish long-term relationships with their students. Within this structure, students become more organized and develop socially and emotionally at the middle school level.
After-school tutoring is provided in all core subjects. Students needing tutoring assistance are identified through early interventions. The PTA and Site-Based Decision Making committee are actively involved and support the mission and goals of the school.

Bryan Adams Leadership Academy High School is located a short distance southeast of Lochwood at 2101 Millmar. BA plans to phase-in a school-wide Leadership model designed to produce confident, empathetic, communicative leaders who are prepared to tackle the complex problems of tomorrow. The core feature of the model is that, in sophomore and senior year, all students will take part in a culminating portfolio defense of their leadership skills and academic achievements in front of a committee of educators and community leaders. Bryan Adams would continue to enroll its students from the traditional attendance zone.
Desired Student Outcomes:
KNOW - Master academic subjects which makes it possible to:
  • Meet Texas graduation requirements for a Distinguished diploma
  • Show proficiency on STAAR EOC assessments
  • Perform successfully on college entrance/preparatory exams (SAT, ACT, AP) and Dual Credit coursework
  • Use core competencies required to perform the role of a college student: inquiry, analysis, research, and   creative expression in core content areas
  • Use 21st Century Leadership Skills: communicate confidently, think critically, collaborate productively, and complete tasks responsibly.
  • Participate in at least one Extended Learning Experience in which students complete a project/task that benefits the workplace/community and requires a demonstration of their leadership abilities as well as • inquire, research, or creative expression.
  • Speak to their learning in their portfolio defense as a sophomore and senior.
  • Recognize and acknowledge growth, accomplishments and successes as well as areas of future growth and development
  • Revise work to mastery based on feedback from teachers and peers.
Ready to Be a Ram (RTBAR) is comprised of parents with children from birth to kindergarten. Our mission is to enrich the lives of children in the Reilly attendance zone by developing relationships among future Reilly families as well as supporting our neighborhood schools (Reilly Elementary, Hill Middle School, and Bryan Adams H.S.) and providing fun, educational, and social opportunities to bring us together as a community.
Come join us!
  • Neighborhood Play Dates to get the kids together to play and meet new friends!
  • Events at Reilly Elementary so your Future Ram can get to know his or her new school!
  • Information Meetings to learn more about RTBAR, Reilly Elementary, DISD, hear about upcoming RTBAR events, and engage in discussions about the educational issues we all care about as parents!
  • Family and Neighborhood Events to meet other RTBAR parents interested in exploring Reilly Elementary as an option for the start of their child’s educational career!
For More Information:
Join the RTBAR Group on Facebook

Private Schools
Dallas Academy restores the promise of full academic enrichment to students with learning differences. Our staff establishes a meaningful connection with each student to overcome barriers to success.
Dallas Academy offers a structured, multisensory program for students with diagnosed learning differences which may include impairments in reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia), and math (dyscalculia), ADD/ADHD, spectrum disorders, and memory and processing disorders. Dallas Academy offers students and parents the best of both worlds by providing an effective program and strategies to meet the special educational needs of bright students with learning differences while including the activities of a larger, more traditional school. Dallas Academy is:
  • Bright students in grades K-12 with diagnosed learning differences
  • Caring staff experienced in working with students with learning differences
  • Small class sizes and a 6 to 1 student to faculty ratio
  • Multisensory approach in all classes
  • College preparatory curriculum that meets and exceeds the state of Texas academic requirements
  • Multiple modifications and accommodations available
  • Wealth of extracurricular programs and activities including competitive sports, fine and performing arts, student clubs and organizations, social activities, and community service opportunities
  • Accredited by AdvancED-Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
St. Johns Episcopal School is a pre-k through eighth grade co-educational school in East Dallas. Created as an outreach of St. John's Episcopal Church in 1953, we are the oldest Episcopal school in Dallas and remain committed to the five tenets of an Episcopal education:
  • Academic excellence
  • Corporate worship (Episcopal/Christian chapel)
  • Religious studies based on basic biblical content
  • Meaningful and integrated community service and service learning projects
  • An inclusive community where the dignity of every human being is respected
These principles are reflected in our mission statement, guide our decisions and actions, and shape the environment we create for our students. The principles also influence the work of our Board of Trustees in its governance role.
St. Patrick Catholic School exists to provide a PreK-8 education centered in the person of Jesus, distinguished by academic excellence and service to others, and sustained by Christian community.

Mission: We are called to embrace the Gospel and transform the hearts and minds of the St. Patrick community. 

Philosophy: We believe that each child is uniquely created and loved by God; therefore, we are called to provide a safe and supportive community committed to academic excellence, faith formation and service. Through teaching, motivating and inspiring as Jesus did, we strive to transform our students and school community spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically and emotionally.

Vision: St. Patrick Catholic School Graduates have a mission rooted in their Catholic faith to use their God-given gifts to serve others and participate wholeheartedly in communities in which they live; they are well equipped with skills and knowledge to transform their world.