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Crime Prevention / Safety & Security Tips

Our neighborhood deals with the same challenges faced by most in Dallas, or any major metropolitan area, when it comes to theft. Here are safety and security suggestions to follow to hopefully avoid the “easy-in, easy-out” targets for criminals.
1. Car Break-Ins
If possible, park cars in your garage. If that is not possible, never leave anything of value (or that looks of value, e.g. bags) in your car and keep doors locked. Be sure to tell the same to visiting friends and family. And, do not leave your garage door opener in your car that is parked outside.
2. Stolen Packages
If possible, have packages delivered to your workplace. When ordering from Amazon, have your packages delivered to the Amazon Locker at the 7-11 on the corner of Easton and Garland Rd. Or, get a P.O. Box at the UPS Store in Casa Linda. Use a large plant or install a small barrier/container and instruct the deliverer to leave packages out of view. If leaving town, place all package deliveries on hold.
3. Garage and/or Shed Items Stolen
Even when you are home, make an effort to keep your garage door closed and valuables (bikes, power tools, etc.) out of view. When not in use, your shed should remain locked. Especially with wooden sheds, it is important that the hardware surrounding the lock is sturdy and cannot be easily ripped off or cut. Mark/engrave your items (Operation I.D.) and keep a record of each item’s serial number. Make sure your garage or shed has motion lights and if possible, security cameras. 
4. Home Break-Ins / Contact ENP When Travelling
There are practical things that can be done to reduce the possibility of your home being broken into. Alternatively leave various interior lights on in your home when you leave the house, visible from the outside. Leave a radio on loud enough to be heard by someone standing at your front door. Do not have valuable items visible to someone peering into any of your windows. Install and activate a centrally monitored alarm system and register your system with the Dallas Police Department. Install a home security camera system. Our "Theft Deal Breaker” favorite: Add a dog to the family.

*** When Traveling: Please call our ENP (Expanded Neighborhood Patrol ) Police Officers to check on your house. Leave your name, address, a phone number they can reach you, and date of departure and return. If someone is house sitting or pet sitting, please include their name and car info (make and color). Lochwood ENP: 214-478-3678. Please create a contact for this number in your phone.
1. See or Hear Something, Say Something
Is there someone or something that just looks a bit out of place or out of the ordinary? Home burglars will often scope a neighborhood and they rely on no one seeing or acknowledging them. Call 911 and report suspicious vehicles, people, and activities. You can also call our ENP Officers: 214-478-3678.
2. Get To Know Your Neighbors
Knowing and sharing contact information with your neighbors can play a vital role in neighborhood safety by simply being alert to unusual or out-of-place cars and people and immediately reporting anything or anyone suspicious to the police. Retirees, stay-at-home moms/dads, and home office neighbors can help keep a lookout during the day.
3. Light Up Lochwood!
There are many dark spots in our neighborhood that create easy targets for criminals. Please invest in exterior lighting (motion lights, etc.) to avoid any dark hiding places. Soft, overall landscape lighting eliminates dark areas that might hide an intruder, exposing any movement on your property. 
4. Mark Your Address Number
Let first responders and VIPs (Volunteers In Patrol) easily identity your home by having curbside, front exterior and alleyway address numbers.
5. If Feasible, Install Motion Cameras
High resolution / night vision cameras not only come in handy for you to identify a criminal, but also a neighbor who may have been victimized. Please share any potential images that could help an active investigation.