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Lochwood Parents Group

The Lochwood Parents Group was founded to bring neighborhood parents together for babysitting, sharing information, and fun.  We have meetings every other month, and a variety of neighborhood events scheduled throughout the year.  
Mother's Nights Out and bimonthly meetings are primarily attended by LPG moms, however, we have many couples' and family events as well - including our annual Easter, Back-to-School, and Christmas parties; Dad's Nights Out, Couples' Nights Out, and adults-only parties; and neighborhood favorites such as the annual Fourth of July parade/party and the Halloween party where families gather and go trick-or-treating together.  
In addition to scheduled family and parents' events, the LPG also organizes and brings meals for new moms, sets up play dates and meet-ups for families at Lochwood Park, and has a group that gets together for Bunko nights. 
The LPG has its own Meetup page and email listserv, a great resource (similar to this website and the neighborhood Facebook page) where members can solicit service referrals from each other, notify other members about NBH events and activities, and share parenting news, ideas, questions, and concerns.  

All the above activities are organized by our members on a volunteer basis, and we always welcome ideas and suggestions from members for new moms', dads', and/or kiddo events that help us get to know each other as parents and neighbors and bring our families together.  
For more information about membership and events, please email us at lochwoodpg@gmail.com or go to http://www.meetup.com/lochwoodparentsgroup/.   
Welcome to our group!