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Lochwood Park / Beautification

Lochwood has a wonderful city park in the neighborhood that is equipped with two tennis courts, a basketball court, pavilion with picnic tables, multi-use backstop, and a playground. It also has beautiful walking trails that run beside the Lippitt Branch Creek (with an overlook of our pint-sized waterfall) that feeds into White Rock Lake. It is the natural hub our of neighborhood.
Beautification Lead
Hilary Killam
The Beautification Committee is made up of volunteering neighbors responsible for the beautification of our neighborhood and community. This committee maintains our neighborhood flower beds, the park plantings, coordinates Holiday Decorations and the Clean the Green program to keep our neighborhood green belts and creeks clean throughout the year.
Groups affiliated with the committee are:
Friends of Lochwood Park 
Lochwood Park Blog

Lochwood Park Improvements
Every few years, City Hall issues a Capital Bond Program to help with city improvements. Parks & Recreational Facilities is one of the recipients of the Bond Program. The LNA, with neighborhood input, works with the Dallas Parks & Rec. Dept. (DP&RD) to determine a Needs Inventory List. This list is composed of prioritized projects (large and small) for park improvements. The DP&RD allocates the money they are given by the city and determines what parks are in most need of improvements, and allocates money for those improvements as they see fit.
For a list of the current Needs Inventory List online, please click here. You will see a map of the city. Click and drag the map to Lochwood Park. You will see a green dot. Click the dot and it will show, one by one, the current Needs.
To see what projects the DP&RD is currently working on online to improve Lochwood Park, click here and here.

Dallas Parks Foundation
The LNA is partnering with the DPF to help us raise money for specific neighborhood projects, including park improvements that are and are not a part of the Bond Package Needs List. The projects we are considering include:
1) Neighborhood monument signage to be installed at the entryway of Lake Highlands Drive/Fernald and possibly on the Creekmere/Easton greenbelt.
2) A basketball court pavement mural.
3) An intersection pavement crosswalk mural at Lippitt/Lochwood Blvd.
One of the main benefits to fundraising through the DPF is that your donation is tax deductible. They are also very knowledgeable when working with park/neighborhood improvements and have a very good rapport with the DP&RD.
To learn more about the DPF, click here.