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Lochwood ENP / DPD NPOs

The Expanded Neighorhood Patrol (ENP) program allows us to hire uniformed Dallas Police Officers in Police Patrol cars to patrol our neighborhood. If you see a patrol car in our neighborhood, there is a good chance that it is one of our ENP officers. It is a key part of our fight against crime and it requires our continual investment to maintain. Hours patrolled averages to 120 per month at a cost of $4000 per month. Thanks to all who support our ENP through your neighborhood donations.

The LNA has 3 officers patrolling on the ENP at various times during the day and night. They are Officers John Cao, David Kim, Juan Amaya & Anthony Wadsworth.
To contact the Lochwood ENP, please call 214.478.3678.
If you notice suspicious activity in our neighborhood, call 911 immediately.
Our ENP Police Officers offer these CRIME PREVENTION TIPS for when you are out of town:
  • Add your home to the Out of Town Home Check List - by calling the ENP @ 214.478.3678
    Leave your name, address, a phone number they can reach you, and date of departure and return. If someone is house sitting or pet sitting, please give their name and car info (make and color).
  • Keep your house well lit at nighttime.
  • Have an emergency contact in the neighborhood who can check on your house. 
  • Activate your house alarm. 
  • Ask someone to pick up your mail and any packages/magazines, etc. from the front door to make it look like you are home… DO NOT let packages or mail ACCUMULATE as this will signal an empty house.
  • Leave music or a TV on while out of town.
  • If you have pets, consider a pet sitter to take care of your "fur babies" at home instead of boarding. Be sure to alert your nextdoor neighbors of the visitor.
Our NPOs (Neighborhood Policing Officer) are our liaisons of the DPD/NE Station and a part of the DPD Community Outreach Program. If you have any DPD, crime, or security-related questions or issues, they would be more than happy to answer your questions. To reach them, please see the Sector 30 Beat NPOs by clicking here.